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Station Europe is in collaboration with Mai Bine Association for the pan-European project "GoEAThical" on the topic ”Our Food. Our Future.”. The objective is to help young Europeans learn how to support the creation of sustainable food chains, respect workers` rights, and combat climate change, hunger, and poverty. The project is co-financed by the European Commission. “Our Food. Our Future” brings together 16 civil society organizations in 13 countries and seven national Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) partner countries across Europe and the world. This alliance will raise awareness of the ecological impact and the injustices and inequalities that workers and their families, smallholders, and migrants experience as they produce and transport the food we eat.

We carried out specific actions to promote this project and engage the youth to take part in the movement for change proposed by “GoEAThical.” Moreover, we organized and conducted three online campaigns involving 100 children aged 10-14 from different places in Romania. The campaigns stressed the topics of ”Food Waste, ”Zero Plastic,” and ”Air & Soil Pollution,” on which the participants had to create user-generated content, recording themselves discussing these issues. 

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We organized an online event in collaboration with the Asociatia Veganilor din Romania. This event aimed to teach children about the amount of food wasted during the winter holidays.

Our speakers, Alin and Cristina, discussed the annual problem of food waste during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve period, and offered children a new perspective on food consumption.
We talked about the global impact of food waste on climate change, hunger, and poverty.

The event “Our food. Our future” concluded with a brainstorming session on ways to reduce food waste during the winter holidays while still enjoying good, traditional food. 

We developed a new project format adapted to TikTok. We used our AI avatar to create and share content related to food waste through 6 TikTok videos, according to children’s choices. Aisha presented the importance of the food supply chain and the problems people encounter in this field. Using artificial intelligence and our AI avatar, we aimed to connect children with digital innovation to create social good for their communities.

Having this edition of Vlogging Academy on the subject of ”Our Food. Our Future”, we shared the outcomes of this edition through a series of posts regarding the 60  participants’ work in the programme. The challenges given to the youth were focused directly on the ”GoEAThical” project’s subject. They received challenges that requested them to use their creativity and be inventive as they learned the benefits of recycling or how to reduce food waste on holidays. 

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