It’s Time is an Erasmus+ funded project implemented in 4 European countries: United Kingdom, Malta, Poland and Romania. It aims to involve young people in the fight against the climate crisis, by providing them with tangible ways to take action. “It’s Time for this generation of young people to have a platform to do this”. Together with our partners, we create the world’s largest conservation network, where the idea is to have young people at the center of decision-making, to represent their generation and the environmental issues. We wish to incorporate teaching, learning and training activities into the project’s program, which consists of 3 stages.


The first stage represents a transnational meeting to decide the outline of the project. It marks the terms of reference for the Birdlife International Youth Leaders, where young people participate in a training programme following two main training modules: an induction and context to the work of BirdLife International and a focus on leadership with an emphasis on communication skills.


The second stage of the project is the implementation of the previous ideas. This stage foresees the selection process of young participants, aged between 18-24, to be part of the council. In September 2022, the selected young leaders to the council will participate in a learning, teaching and training activity, hosted by BirdLife International in the U.K. In addition to this stage, a volunteer brochure created by BirdLife Poland in consultation with the Council and other BirdLife partners will provide tangible ways for young people to volunteer and create meaningful actions to protect nature across Europe.


During the last stage of the program, the young people have to design and implement a communications campaign, with the support of Station Europe. They will learn how to engage young people with fewer opportunities with environmental issues and also deliver multiplier events with the guidance of their local project partner. Moreover, the youth will provide their recommendations to BirdLife International on the engagement methods that work and the environmental priorities which are important to this generation.

Through the Birdlife International Youth Leaders, the project offers young people a platform to represent their generations and countries, by sharing their environmental priorities and concerns. As a result, through them, the BirdLife Network is also able to address these important matters, while starting a movement across the conservation community to ensure that young people are at the center of conservation actions over the next decade.

UK, Poland, Malta, Romania
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