Girls in IT
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Primary Goals

"Girls in IT" is a board game that explores the most popular professions in information technology, among girls passionate about developing a career path in this direction. Made as a gamified experience, the game is built to provide guidance in choosing a potential IT&C profession, equally addressing the issue of gender balance in the workplace, in the context in which more and more girls need to be encouraged to pursue a career in a technical field.

An Arduino robot will be integrated into the game, which will randomize, by pressing a button, the number of each participant and will practically replace the dice. Each time it is her turn, each player will ask the robot to assign her a number, from 1 to 6, like a digital dice.
The board game is created in our Reality LAB. This educational product brings to light concepts such as women empowerment, gender equality exposed in the form of the principle of non-formal education and experiential learning.
Designed by:



Initiator: Alin Gramescu

Junior UX manager: Andreea Ghita

Solutions manager: Isabela Neague

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