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European Heroes

European Heroes aims to inspire young people to take action at a local, national and European level by providing them with relatable role models and hands-on advice on how to make their voices heard and act. Find more information about the project on www.europeanheroes.eu

  • SDGs
  • Video content
  • Journalism
  • European community


«Millennials» rose up as an initiative detector. We aim to bring in the front row and empower young Romanian entrepreneurs, creative minds, and doers. We believe that the actions of our project will have an impact on youngsters who are too shy to act, to encourage them to speak loudly about things that should be taken into account. www.milenialii.ro

  • Millennials
  • Video content
  • Journalism
  • Community
  • Initiative

Iubesc Studentia

We started this project as an effort to promote five opportunities for students on a daily basis. The project became a useful resource for students in Romania, and we managed to create a community with over 13000 students for it. www.iubescstudentia.ro

  • Students
  • Opportunities
  • Community

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Vlogging Academy

Coming next: This is definitely not the usual kind of project! Through Vlogging Academy we can show that It can be fun and creative to learn about active citizenship, ways of participation, media and European democratic values.


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